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Technical Products, Inc. is a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial ceramics. TPI has a large supply of Alumina in various grades, sizes, and shapes including substrates. Our knowledgeable Alumina department is able to provide guidance on choosing the materials that will best fit your applications.


Alumina Oxide is a readily available material with reasonable cost possessing excellent properties handling thermal and mechanical shock. It is fabricated and used in a wide range of applications from stock to tight tolerance machined parts and laser machining of Alumina substrates. TPI presses Al2O3 ceramics from 96% up to 99.99% purity. See below the stock sizes available order on line.

Our processes include cold isostatic pressing of green billets, pre-fired machining, sintering, and post sintered grinding operations. Technical Products, Inc. not only machines high purity Alumina ceramics but has an on-site heat treat department for all ceramic firing applications. Al2O3 ceramics may become dirty through handling, machining or inspecting a "clean fire" is performed to burn off all surface contaminants.

Alumina ceramic powder with two pressed discs.


Isostatic Pressing
Green Machining
ID/OD thread machining down to 0-80
Polishing & Glazing
Alumina disc

Sintering Services

On-site sintering
Bisque Fire
Full Fire
Clean Fire

Alumina Grade 96% Top


Knowledgeable Staff
Various Grades, Sizes & Shapes
Prototype to Production Qualities
Lowest Competitive Pricing

Laser Machining of Alumina Substrates

Laser Machining

Alumina 96% Substrates
.010" thick to .100" x 4.5" x 4.5"
Stock size ship in 1-3 business days.

Alumina Stock

Full Fired Alumina 96% Substrates / Buy Online
Part # Thickness Length Width
AS1-30 0.010" 4½" 4½"
AS1-35 0.015" 4½" 4½"
AS1-40 0.020"
4½" 4½"
AS1-45 0.025" 4½" 4½"
AS1-50 0.030" 4½" 4½"
AS1-55 0.035" 4½" 4½"
AS1-75 0.040" 4½" 4½"
AS1-80 0.050" 4½" 4½"
AS1-85 0.060" 4½" 4½"
Thickness +/-10%
Length & Width +/-1.5%.
Items are sold through Amazon.

Alumina Substrates are engineered to minimize as-fired resistor variations and maximize aged adhension values. Superior resistor stability is achieved by controlling the substrates effects on the temperature coefficient of resistance. Alumina Substrates are particularly well suited for small geometry, high resistor value circuitry.

Standard Length & Width Tolerances: ± 1% NLT ± 0.004" (± 0.102MM)
Standard Thickness Tolerances: ± 10% NTL ± 0.002" (± 0.0508mm)
Standard Camber Tolerances: ≤ 0.003 in./in. (≤ 0.002 mm/mm)

Alumina Rods 99.8% Purity / Buy Online
Part # Diameter Length
DDF1-0212 0.125" 12"
DDF1-0312 0.188" 12"
DDF1-0412 0.250"
Thickness +/-10%
Lengths saw cut plus side
Items are sold through Amazon.


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