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Alumina Oxide is a readily available material with reasonable cost possessing excellent properties handling thermal and mechanical shock. It is fabricated and used in a wide range of applications from stock to tight tolerance machined parts.

Technical Products, Inc. manufacturers alumina ceramic materials in purities ranging from 96% - 99.99% in various sizes, and shapes, including substrates. We inventory a large supply of Alumina material in powder form and solid forms. Stock sizes for Alumina 96% substrates range from .010” thick to .100” are limited please call for availability. Some of our dense Alumina 99.8% rods are listed on our site and are in stock ready to ship.

Alumina 96% is our most popular grade partly due to its low raw material powder cost. This grade also can easily be polished and metalized after sintering, if required.

Working With You

We have grown with our customers over the years and it is this that maintains our competitive edge as a global manufacturer and distributor of industrial ceramic materials. Our knowledgeable Alumina department can provide guidance on choosing from the various grades of material that will best fit your applications. We are committed to meeting or exceeding customers’ requirements with the most cost effective, reliable products and services. Therefore, we have the capabilities to handle all our customers’ requirements from the pressing of the material, green machining, firing, grinding, lapping and even glazing.

Alumina Services

What if there was a manufacturing facility you could send a print to that had the capability to perform all requirements in-house without using subcontractors/ outside services?

That manufacture would be saving you time and money.

Not only that, you would be able to talk directly to the production control managers that have extensive ceramic and capability knowledge to express your thought/ concerns with.

TPI adds value as your material or components move through our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, ending up with high quality being delivered directly to your door.

Alumina is not always just machining the part and that’s it. It may require several processes. We strive to provide that kind of service especially when it comes to our Alumina department.

We are equipped with three cold isostatic presses with capabilities to go up to pressures of 30,000psi - 60,000psi that can produce green billets in a large variety of shapes and sizes. All our purities of powder are lot number controlled; maintained using a color-coded system and held within our humidity-controlled facility.

We do perform a process to check for shrinkage and density of our alumina materials to maintain the proper machining and to ensure customers parts are made to required specifications.

Green machining of ceramics is a process that has proven to be cost effective as it saves on run time and tooling life for us. Machining in the green state does require a sintering process of the ceramic making the finished material to the correct density. We are setup with the latest technology to develop a manufacturing plan through CAD/CAM software that allows us to machine currently to simultaneous 4th axis.

TPI has successfully green machined ID/OD thread machining down to 000-120!!! So, if you require any threading please keep us in mind.

If required, we are also able to complete alumina material or components in the bisque fired state. This has been useful for customers that are looking for a more porous or a thermal shock resistant material.

If a critical feature with a tight tolerance is required, we have an extensive supply of diamond grinding tools and processes that have worked to maintain a tolerance of +/-.0001” This includes ID/OD or surface profiles. Lapping is another process that we have become familiar with holding customers’ requirements within light bands! This is done through our custom designed carriers to support your parts through the process.

Our furnace room is complete with nine furnaces that vary in size and temperatures for all ceramic sintering applications. Our heat treat department is continually bisque fire, full fired parts and components we have machined for our customers. Machined your own parts and just need them fired we do that too! We can clean fire Al2O3 ceramics material- This is a process that is performed to burn off all surface contaminants from parts and components that may become dirty through handling, machining or inspecting. Usually the first step is to run parts through our ultrasonic bath with D.I. water and then a clean fire is performed. Parts are then run through our bagging system to ensure parts stay clean.     

Note: We also have laser cutting equipment set up with multiple heads. Visit our laser machining page for more details

Please send your electronic files for us to evaluate and quote. Most times it is best to supply us with a solid model rendering so we can produce that exact part for you.

Alumina ceramic powder with two pressed discs.


Isostatic Pressing
Green Machining
ID/OD thread machining down to 0-80
Polishing & Glazing
Alumina disc

Sintering Services

On-site sintering
Bisque Fire
Full Fire
Clean Fire

Alumina Grade 96% Top


Knowledgeable Staff
Various Grades, Sizes & Shapes
Prototype to Production Qualities
Lowest Competitive Pricing

Laser Machining of Alumina Substrates

Laser Machining

Alumina 96% Substrates
.010" thick to .100" x 4.5" x 4.5"
Stock size ship in 1-3 business days.

Alumina Stock

Full Fired Alumina 96% Substrates / Buy Online
Part # Thickness Length Width
AS1-30 0.010" 4½" 4½"
AS1-35 0.015" 4½" 4½"
AS1-40 0.020"
4½" 4½"
AS1-45 0.025" 4½" 4½"
AS1-50 0.030" 4½" 4½"
AS1-55 0.035" 4½" 4½"
AS1-75 0.040" 4½" 4½"
AS1-80 0.050" 4½" 4½"
AS1-85 0.060" 4½" 4½"
Thickness +/-10%
Length & Width +/-1.5%.
Items arel imited please call for availability

Alumina Substrates are engineered to minimize as-fired resistor variations and maximize aged adhension values. Superior resistor stability is achieved by controlling the substrates effects on the temperature coefficient of resistance. Alumina Substrates are particularly well suited for small geometry, high resistor value circuitry.

Standard Length & Width Tolerances: ± 1.5% NLT ± 0.004" (± 0.102mm)
Standard Thickness Tolerances: ± 10% NTL ± 0.002" (± 0.0508mm)
Standard Camber Tolerances: ≤ 0.003 in./in. (≤ 0.002 mm/mm)
Standard Chamfer/Radius corners Tolerances: up to .24 in. (6.096mm)

Alumina Rods 99.8% Purity / Buy Online
Part # Diameter Length
DDF1-0212 0.125" 12"
DDF1-0312 0.188" 12"
DDF1-0412 0.250"
Thickness +/-10%
Lengths saw cut plus side
Items are sold through Amazon.

File Extensions

If you would like to send us a drawing to quote, we have the capability to read most CAD formats. If you do not see the file extension you would like to send please contact us.


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