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Tribute to David Lawrence Bresina

It’s the American dream. In 1976, David L. Bresina and his family planted the seed that has grown into Technical Products, Inc. From its humble beginning in the Bresina’s barn, through the company’s dedication to Our Lord Jesus Christ in 1984, Technical Products, Inc. has been a true labor of love. David’s technical skills have allowed the company to maintain quality products throughout the growth process. His integrity has instilled a sense of fairness and pride in his family members as well as his employees. As the Bresina family has grown and expanded, new ideas and skills have contributed greatly to the success of Technical Products, Inc.

More than just a dad he was a father, my friend, my everything. He had a way of making everything feel less difficult, even times when you felt the world through a boulder in your way. Some how with his guidance and wisdom boulders melted into sand. He gave me all the tools to survive in this world, most important he gave me the final key to understanding true salvation. Every life he touched changed, not a person who met him could say he was selfish, because he gave and gave without keeping tabs. He always told me when you give give like you'll never get back. Well he's a master of this because he gave so much love, understanding, sound guidance, peace, joy, security, hope no thesaurus could contain enough words for how much David Bresina (my daddy) gave without once asking. What will you do for me? Time and time again watching him work with families, situations that came up at work, and just plain strangers on the street mercy and love kept flowing from every path God put him on. As a child I've watched him grow from the strongest man, gymnast, wresting champ, hunter, biker, motor cyclist, the list could go on for days, into one who had all stripped away but his most important life accomplishments. Who he is in God. Not once through all his trials did he ever curse God for what was happening to him. Instead with what little words he could speak. Phrases like Hey Jess, What's the whole duty of man? I would answer to fear God and keep His commandments! That was usually followed by a great big smile and a hug. Or David, Cat, Jake don't forget? We'd all answer Jesus loves me. Usually every day several times a day over and over til it was embedded into our very fabric of what we are made of. He truly was a miraculous person and like my older brother David said, and it was such a humble honest statement "I just hope when I get to heaven he'll at least let me touch his feet?" I feel March 21st 2008 will mark the saddest day of my earthly life., because how does anyone ever find tangible love such as my daddy.
Written by daughter Jessica

A selfless man devoted to the Lord and His will. Stood Firm on his faith through all trials in life. Never once asking for recognition or fame. A born leader in wisdom of the Lord. knowledge to start a company built humbly for the glorification of Jesus' finished work on the Cross. Using his selfless wisdom to mold others into the greatness he saw they could be. Never once judging flaws or insecurities. Who gave of himself to those who needed, his purpose in life was to show his Lord and Savior. Which he did in a very quiet way if being an example of Christ, he did not stand up condemning, but used the Lord's spirit and this in meekness, gentle loving and sincere giving. On March 21, 2008, he is home with the Lord at the age of 61. Beloved husband of Cathrine M. "Kate". Loving father of David J. (Wendy), Jessica (George), Cathrine E. "Cat" and Jacob. Grandfather of Samantha, Cara and one on the way (Little David). Son-in-law of Alva Walker. Brother-in-law of Carol (Jeff) Hagen. Uncle of Emillie, Melyssa and Elizabeth Hagen. Benevolent uncle and Godfather of Alexis Nolte.
Mentor of William J. Herrmann III.

March 21, 2008
We lost a great man today, before most people arrived at their jobs this morning, one of the finest men I have had the privilege of knowing slipped from this world and into the presence of the Lord he loved. He left this life much like he lived it, quietly and surrounded by people who loved him. The impact he had on this world is too large to calculate. He had the courage and wisdom to go into a field that the majority of industry and his own father said was a waste of time. His determination turned a dream into the crown jewel of its field. Right here in West Bend WI sits a company that is known from coast to coast by anyone who uses high-tech industrial ceramics. From the giant high-tech companies to the small, they all come to the door this great man opened over thirty years ago. When I went to work for him in 1989 he took on jobs that the customers had been told were not possible. Dave never believed in impossible and nothing proved to be. In 1990 his company was at the bottom of a very short list of competitors, within five years, it was at the top. Former competitors had become customers, and all knew they were treated fairly and with respect. This man believed in his employee’s and did his best for them, even when we didn't deserve it. He was interested in the person as much as the work and went to great lengths to help you find what you were good at. You knew he genuinely cared about you and your family. He leaves an empty place in this world that won’t be filled for those of us who know and love him. It will serve as a reminder of how valuable a person can be to those around them. He lived always; extending grace, giving forgiveness, offering help and expecting the best out of everyone.
In Loving Memory of

November 20, 2009
Hi Katie (& David & Jessica) this is Tom. I spent a little time with your family on Sundays after church back in the mid 1980's. I just happened to come across Jessica's tribute to her dad, so touching. I'm sorry to hear of Dave's passing. The last time we talked (on the phone) was I think 1995 and I remember that Dave wasn't doing good, although I didn't know what the problem was.
I so much always enjoyed the time Becky and I spent with your family. David and Jessica were just little kids then and I think the only ones you had at the time. I wonder if they remember the weird guy with the beard? I was in my early 20's then and just worshiped Dave and his "superhuman" ways. Such a cool guy and always seemed to be so genuine.. and bursting at the seems with talent, but so indifferent about it. I've never forgotten him.
I just felt a need to write and offer my (belated) condolences to you and your family. I'm happy that you know you will see Dave again

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The glory and success of Technical Products, Inc. is due entirely to the benevolence of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Him daily.
- Dave & Kate Bresina, Owners

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