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Our ability to machine materials and designs that no other shop can machine has made us a global presence in the marketplace.

One of the key strategies that Technical Products, Inc. has invested in is the development, implementation and operation of an effective Quality Management System across all areas of the organization.



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Technical Products, Inc. is a full-service company providing world class manufacturing of ceramics & plastics to your specific drawings and designs. Being credited as the world’s largest Macor® distributer! Working close with engineers to assist in developing and producing simple to complex designs in advanced industrial ceramics & plastics. We provide a wide range of services in our facility, including processes from iso pressing, green machining, firing, to hard grinding of Alumina/Zirconia, holding tight tolerances in CNC milling/turning, threading, lapping, laser cutting, polishing and even glazing of your parts.

Our highly skilled machinists along with our cutting-edge technology allow us to machine extremely intricate parts while holding tolerances of .0002". We are capable of drilling hole patterns in large arrays with hole sizes down to .0030" diameter with .0005"diameter tolerance and positional tolerance of .001" non-accumulative.


The world of technology requires increasing skills in the area of hard ceramic materials. Technical Products, Inc. is proud of its accomplishments in this arena. We can produce technical parts made from Alumina in multiple percentages, Zirconia YTZP/MGO stabilized, including threads down to 000-120! We use these skills to produce customer required components per specifications including insulators, assemblies, alignment plates, and more in materials such as Macor®, Alumina, Zirconia, Boron Nitride in all grades, and plastics such as Peek, Torlon®, Vespel®, and Ultem®.

Macor® machinable glass ceramic is a material that has significantly changed the face of technology. It is made exclusively by Corning, Incorporated. Technical Products, Inc. is the largest Macor® distributor, worldwide! We have accomplished this through more than 30 years of machining Macor parts and selling Macor® stock. We inventory Macor® in sheets, rods, discs and bars ready for immediate delivery. TPI has a large inventory of stock materials on hand for quick response to your needs. Order through phone, email, or Online today! Call for special sizes/ requirements. Large orders will be discounted!

Inspection/Quality Control

Control of our calibration program is utilized to ensure equipment/measuring devices are performing at peak efficiency. Technical Products, Inc. utilizes multiple automated & manual vision systems along with touch probe to aid in the measuring of customer components, from which we choose the best one for the application. Our quality department currently employee’s four full-time quality technicians that monitor to make sure customer requirements are in compliance.

Process Management

Our training program at Technical Products, Inc. assures that our apprentice machinists as well as our journeyman machinists keep current with all available machining processes using modeling software and a CAM program that allows us full 4th axis programming.

Smart part numbers are generated for all our stock material items maintain control of materials and their lot number throughout our processes. Technical Products, Inc. quality management system, certified to ISO Standards ISO 9001:2015 to control, monitor and continuously improve our processes.


Technical Products, Inc. is a fully equipped machine shop with extensive inventory of carbide and diamond tooling for our experienced machinists to utilize. TPI's machine equipment includes: CAD/CAM, Solidworks®, CNC lathes/turning centers, CNC mills/machining centers, CNC controlled lasers, centerless, cylindrical, and linear grinders, Isostatic presses. Multiple, quality controlled high temperature furnaces located on site. By designing tooling such as diamond end mills or any special ceramic cutting profiles TPI has been able to reduce costs and speed up production times by machining most components in their green bodied form, such as our Alumina and Zirconia.

Technical Products, Inc. shipping department is also equipped with bagging system with the ability to print customer requirements, insuring of organization from our facilty to yours.


Technical Products, Inc. are dedicated to maintaining a state-of-the-art shop which allows our machinists to produce at their highest skill levels reducing human and machine error. By constantly following technology through latest trends, machine tool technology, dedicated shows in machine tooling or quality, also by following and adapting internet trends when applicable.

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If you would like to send us a drawing to quote, we have the capability to read most CAD formats. If you do not see the file extension you would like to send please contact us.


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The glory and success of Technical Products, Inc. is due entirely to the benevolence of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Him daily.
- Dave [&] Kate Bresina, Owners

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